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Centaur HTP® is Safe, Affordable and Trusted to
Protect Some of the World's Best Horses.

What happens when a foal or even a full grown horse charges
a traditional board fence?
A tape and braid fence?
Or heaven forbid, a barbed-wire fence?

In the blink of an eye, the wrong fence can cause a serious or fatal injury. With Centaur HTP® Fencing Systems, you can take the gamble out of your fence choice with a fence specifically designed for safe, reliable equine containment
Just Think:  NO Painting, NO Rail Replacement,
NO Fence Replacement for Decades!
Centaur HTP® is the flagship product of Centaur HTP Fencing Systems. It’s a five-inch polymer “rail,” with three 12.5 gauge high tensile wires imbedded for extreme strength. Available in black, white or brown in 660' and 330' lengths, it is installed as a continuous loop around your entire area to be fenced, and attached to your own fence posts with our patented “Belt Loop” Bracketing System. Because it’s a continuous loop (rather than rigid individual rails of 8, 10, or 12 feet), and because the Belt Loop Brackets allow the Centaur HTP rail to slip freely, any impact to the fence is absorbed and dissipated down the entire length of the fence to protect your horses and keep your fence intact. The Centaur HTP Fence carries a NEW 30 YEAR limited warranty, but as the earliest test installations near that age, we find them to be in near-perfect condition. You have a 30 year roof, why not a 30 year fence?. Centaur HTP won’t rust, rot, warp, splinter, chip, peel, stretch, fade or shatter.  Period.

Correct installation is key to the success of your Centaur HTP fence, but it’s easy enough that many owners tackle it themselves. Follow the factory's recommendations on post selection and installation, and you’ll be virtually maintenance-free for the lifetime of the fence.  Centaur HTP is sold with brackets based on either 8', 10' or 12' spacing.   Which spacing you choose is up to you but the 12' is the most popular
Centaur HTP® uses a two piece, polymer coated,
steel reinforced bracket.

Another manufacturer uses a stamped metal bracket.  With Centaur, your fence rides on the reinforced polymer guides, with the other manufacturer your fence rubs up against the post on one side and the metal bracket on the other.  Another major benefit of these guides is if your horse steps on the fence near a bracket, it helps prevent cupping of the fence, also known as "buckling"  the fence down towards the bottom of the bracket.
Single Barrel Tensioner Single and double barrel tensioners. 
Notice it attaches to the end post with a lag bolt making it stable for your fence and for you to tighen.  Another manufacturer uses an "in-line spooler" which is much more challenging to tighten.  Plus, since his inline spooler is on the "fence line", so your horses could run into the spooler much more easily.  Centaur's heavy duty steel construction tensioner (with new racheting system) is available in two styles: single barrel for short runs, double barrel for longer runs of more than 660'. 
Single Barrels:  $30.45    Double Barrels:  $58.75
Termination Bracket!
Faster and Easier to attach to one end!
• No trimming
• No wire stripping
• No special tools needed for bending
• More professional look
•A must have for Hot Rail

$14.95 Each fob Muscle Shoals, AL
Used for terminating a crossfenced line of Fencing.
A must for crossfencing!
$14.50 each
You Can Afford the Same Horse Fence as the Million Dollar Horses!
Kentuckiana is a Standardbred horse farm located in Georgetown, KY and has just about every combination of Centaur fence you can think of. Kentuckiana has bred or raised more million-dollar winners than any other Standardbred farm in the world. The farms' horses are among the most well-known names in harness racing: Ball And Chain, Die Laughing, Firm Tribute, Follow My Star, Grinfromeartoear, Harmonious, Naughty But Nice, Riyadh, Royal Prestige, Staying Together and Triple Crown winner Western Dreamer. Kentuckiana was probably the first major farm in central KY to really put up Centaur fence. As Bob Brady, manager of the farm, likes to point out, it took a Standardbred horse man to show the thoroughbred guys what fence to use.
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You are buying FACTORY FRESH fencing!
Number of rolls
Centaur HTP® 660’
White, Black or Brown
12' Spacing
with 56 Brackets
10' Spacing
with 66 Brackets
8' Spacing
with 84 Brackets

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  Centaur HTP® 330’
White, Black or Brown
12' Spacing
with 29 Brackets
10' Spacing
with 34 Brackets
8' Spacing
with 42 Brackets

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