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Frequently Asked Questions!.
Can I put Centaur, Cen-Flex or
Spur on T-Sleeves or T-posts?
No. These are to go on wood posts.
What are the differences between Centaur HTP and Competitor HTP?
Centaur HTP
Cen-Flex HTP
30 Years
20 Years
2 Piece Steel
Polymer Coated
1 Piece Polymer Coated
Barrel Tensioners
Bolted on Posts
Barrel Tensioners
Bolted on Posts
Slightly Thinner than
Centaur HTP
Do you ship & sell to all 50 states?
Do you have customers outside the USA?
YES!  We have customers in Brazil, Germany, Italy & Mexico.
How old is your stock?
We ship our fencing from the factory so it is factory fresh. We talked with one customer who bought from another dealer and the wire that he bought was made 2+ years prior.
What about additional parts?
We stock a few Centaur parts and pieces that we can ship out the same day if you call before lunch. Call us for latest inventory.  The rest we get shipped directly to you from the factory.
Do you own personally own horses and Centaur Fencing products?
Yes we do (Thoroughbreds) and we have kept them behind
Centaur Products since 1996.
How long have you been in business?

Our 5th anniversary was May 4, 2008. We our currently are a The NUMBER ONE SELLER OF Centaur Products. We are the VOLUME dealer!

How tall should I make the top strand?
54 inches is typical. Some folks go up to 60 inches (5 feet)
Which is the best post spacing?
Depends on what kind of horses you have, size and type, do you raise foals, type of soils, etc.  Most people go with 12 foot spacing unless they have foals or small horses. Then we recommend 8 or 10 foot spacing.
What do I need to do 1st?
Determine your budget. We do not want to sell you anything you cannot afford.
Call us and we can tell you what can fit into your budget.
Next, do you want rail, wire or combination?

I have questions on how to install.
Check out our installation guide page. Each installation guide will answer
many if not all of your install questions. Or just call us
How do I know what I need to order,
I am so confused!
Call us. Just fax or email us your plans. Some folks use MS Word and just use the graphics feature.  Others scan as save their drawing as a PDF file. Good news is we can read just about anything.  What is important, though, is approx. footage and location of gates. This helps us with number and locations of the tensioners.
I want to use T-Sleeves, how many strands should I have?
It was designed for 5 strands of PolyPlus, White Lightning or Hot Site.   4 will work, but your bottom strand will be fairly high off the ground.  We do not recommend using more than five or less than four strands for containment of horses when using T-sleeves.
What colors do T-Sleeve come in?
WHITE and now we can offer BLACK!
How tall is a T-Sleeve?
Just short of 54 inches.
Do the T-Sleeves come with caps?
When installing PolyPlus,
do I use End-sulators kits?
No. End-sulator kits are only for White Lightning and Hot Site.  See correction to PolyPlus install on the installation guide page.
How do you keep prices so low?
We keep our overhead to a minimum!
We are THE volume dealer for
the Do-it-Yourselfers and independent installers.

How does shipping by
motor carrier work?
This one is a no brainer.
Deliver to your local feed store. Just keep in mind that they are not like UPS. They will deliver to a business that has room for an 18 wheeler and forklift to unload such as your local feed store.  We have had EXCELLENT luck in having your local feed store accepting your shipment.  (3 turn downs in 5 years!)

Home delivery is available, but you MUST have room for a large semi and be able to off load in 15 minutes or additional charges will apply. Additional charge for, lift gate and pallet jack, if needed, will apply. Please call us for details.

Picking up at the terminal is easy.

They will load it in your truck or trailer for you at no extra charge

Most customers deliver to their feed store or pick up at the terminal.
Once I order, how long does it take before the order ships?
Generally, your order will ship in 3 to 5 business days. Very large orders make take as long as 10 days if factory is out of stock.
Once the order ships,
how long before I receive it?
All fencing ships out of Northern Alabama, so we can reach the entire USA in under 5-7 days. Central and Eastern time zone customers generally take 2 to 3 days.
Do you issue credit?
In God We Trust, all others pay cash or credit card.
We do offer a courtesy 2% discount for certified funds or wire transfer.
All orders over $5000 are encouraged to pay by wire transfer or bank draft.
All orders for export must be by wire transfer.