Bobby G., Texas.
5 strand PolyPlus on T-Sleeves and Pipe Terminations.
Owner Install.
Jerry F., Arizona.
3 Rail Brown Arena Centaur HTP, Textbook Installation by the Owner!
Larry B., Texas.
Top and Middle Rail Centaur HTP With 3 rails of PolyPlus.
4 rail Black Centaur HTP Fence.
Professional Installation.
Rich T., New Jersey.
His 1st Self-Installed Fence!
3 Rail Centaur HTP
Val T., Truth or Consequences, NM. 3 Rail Centaur HTP Installation by the Owner!
"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks "Where can we get Centaur fence?" Our place really stands out--people can see it from the main drag into town as well as the northbound lane of the Interstate. We even had some people stop on the interstate one day and get out of their car to get a better look. Thank you for a great product and even more important, your excellent service.
" Val & Chet T.

Your Picture Here!

Your Picture Here!

Centaur HTP with
2 strands WhiteLightning
4 Rail Centaur HTP
Our Customer's Grandson does a taste test!
Cen-Flex HTP


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