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How to Build
Terminations and Corners
If you prefer a rounded corner vs. a 90 degree corner, this is an option also.
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Very, Very Important Tips
(Say "Must Follow Tips")

for Centaur HTP,
Cen-Flex HTP and
Hot-Rail HTP
Corners and Terminations!
Wire Products, Too!

Horizontal Termination/Corner

Stand Alone Corner w/Bracing
The following statements have to do with the horizontal termination/corner.
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Horizontal rail is NOT truly Level!

Yep, that is true.
The corner end should be about 1 inch lower than the other end.

The Posts are NOT truly vertical!
Yep, that is true.
They should lean just a little, about 1/2 to 1 inch, depending on the stability of the soil, opposite direction of pull. In this case they would lean ever so slightly to the right.
Exception: if you are drilling and cementing into solid rock. Even then a slight lean of 1/4 inch off center would probably be a good idea.
The Vertical Posts and the Horizontal post
are NOT the same Diameter!
Yep, that is true.
Vertical posts are about 6-7 inches in diameter vs. 4 inch round for the horizontal.
The Horizontal post should be offset 1/2" of center to the opposite side of where the Barrel Tensioner would be for rail products if terminating.
Yep, that is true.
This allows room for the "barrel" of the tensioner to not come in contact with the horizontal post. Extremely important if using a top rail of Hot-Rail HTP.
You MUST bell out the bottom of the hole as shown.
Yep, that is true.
Exception: if you are drilling and cementing into solid rock.
A corner is built the same way. This is just one way to build a corner-termination, but it is the most popular and appears to be the strongest way to build. This way is also factory recommended.
With wire products, such as PolyPlus and WhiteLightning should be built this same way also.