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Horse Fencing Fundamentals & Comparing Centaur to Other Horse Fence Options

Horse Containment

What will it take to keep your horses safely at home? Think about their temperament, how many horses will share the area, their size, the pasture size, etc. For example, an area designed to contain a stallion will probably need greater rail strength than a pasture for mares. With that in mind, look at a fence material’s break-strength rating; that’s the amount of force a material can withstand before failure. The higher the number is, the stronger the material. Centaur offers a variety of incredibly strong fence products with minimum break-strengths ranging from 1,400 lbs per strand to 4,050 lbs per rail.

Horse Safety

As you know, if containment were our only concern, we could surround our horses with a fence of stone, steel, and barbs and turn our pasture into Fort Knox, but that would never work. You need a fence that’s strong and horse-friendly. A horse-friendly fence is designed with an understanding of horse behavior and how they interact with fencing. Typically, horses will lean against, nudge, nibble, and even test their fence. And during a skirmish or panicked rush, a horses may run full-speed into their fence. A fence that’s too rigid can cause serious or fatal injuries from impact. A fence that breaks leaving splintered wood, PVC or dangling wire can be just as deadly. A break-away style fence exposes your stock to the hazards of traffic and the surrounding area. In contrast, Centaur Fence will absorb and disperse impact along the rail or strand, significantly reducing the opportunity for injury. Centaur’s flexible design ensures that if an animal pushes or rushes the fence, the fence will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the perimeter. That’s why Centaur is known as The Horse-Friendly Fence®. Additionally, the polymer material is a natural cribbing deterrent extending the life of your fence and improving your horse’s health.

Fencing Costs

While fence shopping, be sure to factor in materials, installation, and maintenance costs. Material costs often vary geographically so be sure that the average costs that you find are correct for your area. Many fencing materials have varying degrees of quality that may not be initially obvious. For example, when comparing flexible polymer fencing, ask about impact, yield, and break strengths, the polymer used, and warranty coverage.

Installation costs are determined by fence type, environment, and terrain. Learn as much as you can about your land and any special considerations before shopping around. That way you will have a much better chance of getting an accurate quote. When comparing fence types, be sure to compare installation methods and materials as well. For example, a bargain polymer fence can cost twice as much as Centaur if its installation method uses brackets that degrade the polymer rail.

Maintenance costs can be the most expensive part of a fence. A little research can save you a lot of money on your fencing project. For example, traditional wood fence typically has a mid-range materials and installation cost, but maintenance costs add 50 to 70 cents per foot each year. For the life of the fence, you may be buying that fence ten times over!  In contrast, Centaur rail will not rot, chip, split, peel or warp like a wood fence. You may need to replace some fence posts and accessories over the next few decades and check the tension of your fence a couple of times a year. Your annual maintenance costs are a few pennies.

Horse Fence Installation

Often overlooked is how easily the fence installs on various terrain, how well it's able to make the best use of your property, and whether or not it's easy to install in a curved line. Fence lines with corners allow an individual horse to be trapped by aggressive herd mates, and increase the possibility of injury. Gently rounded fences are the safest, most economical and attractive configuration. By design, Centaur HTP® products naturally follow undulating terrain and form aesthetically pleasing and safer curves.  Please visit our installation guides page for further information. 

Fence Appearance
 Centaur Fences have it all: strength, safety, reliability, and beauty! Centaur HTP® products come in white, brown and black and have a traditional estate fence look. See for yourself, in our customer pictures.