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7111 W. Lois Road Sanger, TX. 76266
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J D Hempsmyer- CEO
We are a family owned business which we started on May 4, 2003.  I have owned horses since 1993.  We have owned Centaur fencing products since 1996.
Julie Chapleau-COO
Julie, as any wife, really runs this business providing much needed direction and has been a horse owner for over 19 years.  Also volunteers as a foster mom for Denton County Humane Society.
A huge, 16.2, lovable, retired Thoroughbred.  Once held a track record at the track in Denver, Colorado.  His main job is product testing.
Retired 1 race horse,  A Thoroughbred with a kind eye.  He retired after his first race.  He came in last by several lengths. Been assigned as Basque's helper.
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Photo coming soon!
Sir Jake
Second most worthless dog on the planet.
Goldie Bear

Has returned from a broken leg ending his medical leave.  Has been demanding worker's comp, but it was broken on his
off time.  Will work overtime to payback medical expenses.


The name suits him well.

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Current duties including sleeping and inspecting litter boxes.  Light filing and makes samples for our future customers. 
A Colorado native.
She is a Texas native and loves napping when she is suppose to being working.  Fields all complaints.  Keeps telling us that she has nothing to do but take a nap.
aka Stinky Pete
aka Orange Stuff
Just showed up one day and demanded a job.  We think he tends to take off during the day, just haven't caught him doing it yet.  Say's he was on the job site,
just very busy.
The newest Member of our crew .  He was on death row at the county pound and said he would work the heavy cat work for the rest of his life if we could get him a pardon.  We secured a pardon and he now has a permanent job of greeting anyone who comes to the door. (When he is awake.)